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Looking for Mini-Helmets of your favorite team?  We have them all.  From your favorite local high school, NCAA Div I, II, or III, or NFL helmet... we have them!  Looking for a custom helmet?  We can make it!
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Want to generate money for your school?  Join the “nfinia Partner Program” Partner with us to make much needed revenue for your school.  30% of purchase price goes to your school!!! How the program works: Nfinia custom makes and designs mini football, softball, baseball and hockey helmets to look like exact replica's or your school's or organizations helmet.*  The materials used to create the helmets are made from the same material used in the standard equipment.  Additionally, Nfinia is able to add custom graphics to the helmet to make is a personalized gift, award or memento to proudly display on any office desk, mantel or shelf for any athlete, their family, alumni or a fan! 1.) We sell custom mini helmets (both standard and personalized) a.) on our website         OR b.) schools place orders twice a month 2.) We send your school 30% return on each mini helmet sold! 3.) You use money for your athletic programs!!! Benefits With the Nfinia partner program, Nfinia will partner with your spirit wear coordinator, booster club or other organization that promotes your teams.  Based upon the agreement between both parties, an additional charge will be added to the cost of the helmet.  Typically, there is a minimum up charge of $5.00 and maximum up charge of $10.00.  Nfinia recommends and has found it to be standard that a  $10.00 is more than reasonable.  In conjunction with the your organization the mini helmets are sold and the organization makes $10.00 per item sold.  Thus, as one high school athletic director stated…"If we sell 100 helmets, we make $1,000?".  The answer…... Absolutely! For every helmet sold your organization receives approximately 30% of the sale price of the helmet or $10.00, with no charges, fees or other costs against the $10.00.   Nfinia does all of the work and you receive the benefit!  There are no minimum orders, no need to collect order forms or checks and no need to distribute the items, Nfinia takes care of it all.  (Nfinia will work with your organization to determine the best method for maximum sales, collection of orders, funds and distribution.) 1.) nfinia performs all the work (admin, selling & shipping) 2.) Your school receives an outstanding 30% return on all Custom Mini Helmets for your school 3.) Customer has a lasting collectible promoting/celebrating their School Spirit Fundraisers for Travel Teams, ClubTeams, Alumni Groups, and Rec Leages.   Sell them in your bookstores!!! Inquire here to learn more, call us (317) 697-0528, signup for our nfinia Partner Program
Looking for mini’s?  All of our Replica MiniHelmets exhibit the excellence and quality of the full sized Helmets to include molded shell composition, wire facemasks and acrylic clips, interior padding, and the same vinyl decals. Our products are made to last! Get your High School, Prep School, Awards Banquet, Youth League, Fantasy League, or any Custom Mini helmet made by the EXPERTS! Corporate Helmet - Impress your clients or your employees with the highest quality custom mini helmets available - with Your Company Logo!  Display your corporate image on these collectible quality mini helmets!  Give them to employees as awards or as a gift to customers!
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